Back with a Vengeance: Lazzy Lung!

After the 2010 release of Lebanese indie rock band Lazzy Lung’s debut album Strange Places, I featured an interview in umen magazine with the band’s frontman – Allan Chaaraoui.  Shortly thereafter the band blew up, winning a legion of regional accolades that included the Rolling Stone Magazine ME’s ‘Battle of the Band’ contest in 2011; the 2011 ‘Musicians of the Year’ award in Esquire Middle East; and the 2012 Ray-Ban/ “Homegrown to Hollywood” contest and a trip to record at Capitol Records, Los Angeles in Studio A with legendary engineer Charlie Paakkari.  Nearly 4-years after their debut release, Lazzy Lung is preparing for the official May launch of their sophomore album Sailor’s Delight. i sat down with allan to discover what went into this album – a raucous, free-wheeling, hard-driving, kick-ass rock-n-roll ode to the seductive nature of Beirut.
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“Beirut’s charm is a cruel diamond – a treasure that’s got decadence and decorum all rolled into one. We live here in this glitzy, seedy metropolis. Salty and twisted in a romance filled with bars and bedrooms and uninhibited late night howls – each day a reckless experiment in survival with no idea of what’s around the corner. We drown out the war drums with our own waves of sound. We know the future is stormy, but she offers a promise for the high-life that excites like no other city in the world. There is no morning for us – and no safety nets where we’re going – say your farewells – a sailor’s delight.”


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