Beirut’s blues-rock revival – The Wanton Bishops

IN DECEMBER OF 2012 – beats and breath sat down with what has turned out to be Beirut’s hottest musical export, the blues-rock revival duo The Wanton Bishops – NADER MANSOUR AND EDDY GHOSSEIN. the interview was conducted right before the official launch of their first album – sleep with the lights on. as i retroactively publish this feature – the boys are preparing for a stop in my home state for the south by southwest music festival (*march 2014). they’ve since repeated much of what was contained in this interview for other sources – but I think this article and podcast represents the first (*significant) candid interview with the Bishops. thanks to nader and eddy for the time! Good luck in texas fellas!

The Wanton Bishops Unchained: Part 1 – interview with Jackson Allers by Jackson Allers on Mixcloud


wanton bishops page 1 umen wanton bishops page 2 umen



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