Beats and Breath interviewed by Re-Volt Radio

Hass Dennaoui is a unique character – someone who has decided to break out of the confines of his geographical situation to embark on a world-wide media adventure. Hass runs Re-Volt Radio  – a new experiment in media that features interviews with the brightest talents in Arab hip-hop and beyond – although he’s not limited to any one art. Instead Hass focuses on the things and the people that inspire him. I was fortunate to be interviewed by him recently and thought it was high time to post the interview here on Beats and Breath. I provided a link to the original article below. Peace to Hass and Re-Volt radio.


Revolt had a great discussion/Interview with Jackson about his life in Lebanon, his thoughts on Arab hip hop & about his amazing documentary.
Make sure you hear this fella out – its truly amazing & I am really blessed that I am able to encounter amazing people on my REVOLT journey & Jackson is one of those people that is documenting a real movement & is doing it in great style. Big Shoutout to him & I thank him for having time for REVOLT 🙂

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Check out the Trailer for his documentary “Life From The BBC


One thought on “Beats and Breath interviewed by Re-Volt Radio

  1. Big Ups Jackson!
    Thank you for putting it up 🙂 Much respect. A def. mind elevating discussion.
    You have really impacted the way I look @ things.
    Stay Real

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