Rap 3rabi meets Rap Amrikee


LA Buildin' Session


In truth, I’m jealous as hell of this image – snapped just today by my main lens man – the intrepid globe-trottin’ fool – Laith Majali. The pics colors are clearly influenced by my man Bplus, but it’s all Laith all the time these days.

Certainly, this pic be one legendary session – or an implication of a legendary session in the makin’ — hell, I wasn’t there so that’s why I don’t know for sure…and bein’ that I’m out here in Beirut and not there by some teleport device…well…that’s why I’m jealous.

A meeting of the hip-hop massive….from East to West…Omar Offendum in studio with Fredwreck (big ups Palestine), and Dilated Peeps representatives – Alchemist and Evidence.

Hope to see ya’ll when I’m visiting the Californi-nation in March.


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